Designer Island LOVES – The Christmas List 2013

Published on: March 17, 2014

The end of 2013 has been a great time for fashion, jewelry, craft markets and all things beautiful on the island. We hit up a few of them,
from fashion shows to open studios, to pop up shops to jewelry sales by local designers and makers.

We love attention to detail, timeless beauty that defies shifting trends and truly Caribbean craftsmanship so we’ve compiled our first ever Designer Island Christmas list from the makers who have shown some truly beautiful work this year.

Check out our favourites, all beautiful items by Caribbean makers.

 1. Janice Derrick Jewelry

Why we love it:
Exquisite jewelry with simple, clean lines and geometric structures that still manage to be delicate and organic.

Where to find it:
Janice Derrick Facebook page


2.Lend and Borough
Bags and accessories by Melissa Darbeau

Why we love it:
Beautiful combinations of leather and fabric with hidden pockets and decorative stitching. Great combination of neutrals with pops of colour.

Where to find it:
Melissa Darbeau 


3. Micha Gomes Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry by Laura Michelle Gomes

Why we love it?
We loved the geometrical and structural jewelry pieces from her collection.
Definitely a young talent to look out for.

Where to get it?
Micha Gomes Jewelry


4. All Italian Fine Wine and Foods

Why we love it?
We love the Prosecco and the vintage reds.
The Italian gourmet pastas, breads, spreads and seasonings would make any dinner table special.

Where to find it?
Rust Street, St. Clair (Next door to Paprika)
All Italian


5. We Dream In Colour
Jewelry by Jade Gedeon – Trinidadian designer living in Brooklyn

Why we love it:
An aesthetic that draws heavily from the Caribbean landscape.  Some pieces are dreamy and whimsical and others are strong and structural.

Where to find it:
We Dream in Colour


6. Aisling
Knitwear by Aisling Camps

Why we love it:
Beautiful knitwear tops, sweaters and dresses created using artisanal knitting techniques.
Understated elegance, detailed craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic. Another new talent to look out for.

Where to get it:
Aisling Camps


7. The Legend of Caliebirri
Handcrafted book. Story by Luis Blanco, Illustrated by Alfredo Almeida

Why we love it:
A labour of love, handcrafted and bound at Ajoupa Pottery by volunteers. It translates into English one of the many stories of our indigenous peoples.

Where to get it?
Paper Based Book Store at the Normandie  – and at Rainy Days Gift Shop at Ellerslie Plaza


8. New Works by Steve Ouditt
Proceeds to Mental Health Exhibition

Why we love it:
Ouditt’s first collection in 18 years disturbs the senses beautifully, using graphic lines
and symbolic structures that suggest constriction to discuss our attitudes to mental health in Trinidad & Tobago.

Where to get it:
Proceeds to Mental Health ran in March this year at Medulla Gallery.
Contact 740-7597 or
Click Here.


9. Masks from Brianna Mc Carthy

Why we love it:
Beautiful handmade fabric, plaster and paint masks that straddle the line between wearable art and art for display.

Where to get it:
Brianna’s masks are made on commission. Contact at her website or


10. Trunk from Richard Hubbard
Furniture designer utilizing local wood.

Why we love it:
We love the batty in the functional. This medium-sized wooden trunk with a sliding compartment inside shows exquisite craftsmanship and clean simplicity.

Where to get it:
Click here


11. Dish Out Art Utensils from Marlon Darbeau

Why we love it:
Dish out serving spoons are art that becomes part of the heart of your home – the kitchen.

Where to get it:
By Making


12. An Annual subscription to ARC Magazine.

Why we love it:
Beautifully designed magazine that showcases artwork with a Pan- Caribbean focus.
It’s a must have for anyone interested in contemporary Caribbean art.

Where to get it:
Shop – Arc the Magazine


The Designer Island 2013 Love List was curated by DI Founder and Creative Director, Tanya Marie Williams-Rhule and contributing Editor, Ayanna Gillian Lloyd




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