Nice and Easy

Published on: August 20, 2016

Nature knows the rains have stopped.

The guesthouse cat is seen wandering the verandah. The birds start singing, and flying from the trees where they were keeping shelter all morning while waiting for the showers of the tropical storm to pass.

It feels like the first time I’m in Jamaica, though it isn’t.

Happily forced to pay attention to nature intimately, and forced to notice the rhythm and changes in my own body and thoughts.

Days before I arrived my body was covered in hives. I was itchy, irritated and nauseous. After three days in the Blue Mountain my sinus cleared, my hives reduced, my heartbeat slowed and my skin usually a problem, began to glow. I was happier and more relaxed with each passing day.

For some time before I got to Jamaica I was more irritated and miserable than I had been in months. I had the worse period ever and everything made me overly emotional like my blood was simmering way to close to the openings of my pores. Now here on another island, with limited to no internet, no cable tv, or social media. Everything is reset — body and mind.

The rains have stopped and the air is still chilly. The only thing I'm missing is the old Jamaican songs of 97cool fm that I've now grown extremely fond of while driving through Jamaica in our rental, grey suv. However for the moment the wind blowing through the hills, the light clinking of the wind chimes and the low breathing of my relaxed husband beside me are perfect and peaceful.

"Easy" he says, "Nice and Easy"

Yes hun, that's definitely the theme of our little holiday.


Writer: Tanya Marie
Designer, Brand Consultant & Founder of Designer Island.

Editor: Indra Ramcharan
Writer & Creative Freelancer from Trinidad & Tobago, based in London.

Seems like it was a much needed reprieve. Glad that you & your hubby were able to enjoy that together. Looking forward to visiting the Blue Mountains.

Jenissa Sullivan
August 30, 2016



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