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Published on: April 23, 2016


More specifically, food porn, has become that much more interesting with the continued development of tastes and taste.

We shot a quick 20 questions across the pond to London based Rayne Kirpalani, @TheHealthyTriniGirl about her love of food, favourite ingredients and what someone would need to cook to impress her.

The confessed mangophile – more on that later – lets us inside her culinary cranium. It’s a story about mouth-watering meals and the medium through which they continue to make her audience salivate.

This is a nice lil chat for food lovers, food makers and well, people like us who just can’t get enough of delectable food images in our Instagram feed.

Born and raised in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Rayne spent her childhood years soaking up local flavour, until she turned 18. That’s when she moved to London to pursue a culinary career; against the cliché she continues to look to home for inspiration.

1. DI: Where did your interest in food and cooking come from?


@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I grew up within a family of chefs from my great gran, my grandmother to my mom and dad. So I guess you can say it runs in the family. Great food, family and friends have always surrounded me. Food was the common thing that united us. It was something I’ve have always been involved in.

2. DI: When did you realize you wanted to turn this love of food into a career of your own?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I started my blog in late 2013 as a final project for university where I began studying food as an art form. That then evolved into creating meals and photographing food. Sharing it using social media was my way to reach an audience.
The blog then took off!
I could no longer ignore the need to explore it further.
I had to create more.
I’ve got a mad obsession with the colour, shape and smell of food so I don't consider it a ‘career.’ I see it as a way of being able to create visually appealing work with objects we as humans use to survive.


3. DI: Which brings you more joy? Cooking for yourself or others?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I hate cooking for myself. I find it a horrible chore. I love cooking for my friends and seeing their response to the meals I create - It’s a hell of a lot more rewarding than cooking for myself - 
I love making other people’s bellies happy.

4. DI: Do you work for yourself or are you employed as a chef somewhere?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I moved on from my previous job working under a Michelin starred chef to work for HYATT. They offer a 5 star boutique luxury hotel here in London called Andaz where I am working as a chef.


5. DI: Is all your food healthy, ‘Healthy Trini Girl’?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: This is a strange question because it really depends on your personal opinion on being healthy. I consider a happy, well-balanced life with guilty pleasures in moderation to be ‘healthy’, along with good company, family, friends, wine, food and exercise. But yes, I consider my recipes ‘healthy’ as well. I use a lot of nature’s ingredients and I stay far, far away from processed foods.


6. DI: What’s your favourite thing to eat?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I love Israeli cuisine!
It is very similar to Caribbean food because there are so many different spices and herbs used. Israeli food is just on another level!


7. DI: What’s your favourite thing to cook?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I see myself as more a baker.
I love making traditional recipes from my granny like banana bread or apple crumble. If I’m feeling ambitious maybe coconut, chocolate macaroons or a multi-layered oreo cake (oreos are my weakness, healthy or not... I couldn't give a sh*t, every chef has their weakness!)

DI: We can relate!


8. DI: Name one Caribbean ingredient you love and why.

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I do love and miss my Trinidad mangoes and portugals, they add diversity to meals and can be used either sweet or savoury. They bring back a lot of childhood memories as well.


9. DI: Name one Caribbean food you can’t live without.

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: Julie mango and portugal!


10. DI: Name one non-Caribbean food you can’t live without.

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: Sumac and Zaatar.
I discovered them in Dubai and Israel. I can’t explain it but they make everything taste AMAZING. They are very versatile ingredients that can be used on nearly everything cuisine wise and they bring back a lot of my Middle Eastern travel memories.


11. DI: You said you have a sweet tooth. What’s your favourite dessert… besides oreos of course?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I’m a sucker for old school desserts like banana bread, apple crumble, panna cotta, creme brûlée!


12. DI: Favourite spot to eat in Trinidad and Tobago?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I don’t really eat out in Trinidad, I have difficulties dealing with customer service in Trinidad, and so I stay away.

DI: Fair enough.


13. DI: Favourite spot to eat outside of T&T?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: London- BAO, The Palomar, Homeslice…the list can go on and on and on. They really understand good customer service there.


14. DI: What’s your favourite drink? And yea, we’re talking alcohol here.

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: Love me a good heavy glass of red wine!

DI: Nice. One of our co-editors here says, “White Wine is for girls. Red is for Women.” Yup Indra, we’re calling you out on this one!


15. DI: What would one have to cook to impress Rayne?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: Dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DI: Ha! We’re not at all surprised by this answer!

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: But I also love a 3 course meal, very simple but DELICIOUS.
I am not very picky so they have it easy.

Add a good wine to compliment the flavours.  The food must have flavour besides salt and pepper, please!


16. DI: How are all your pics so gorgeous Rayne?  What do you use?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: For my cookbook I used a canon 60D and instagram my lovely iPhone 6


17. DI: What other social networks are you on?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: I am only on Instagram, strictly because it's an easy way to connect with the world and see other chefs, stylist and photographers are up to free of cost and I get to stay connected with my audience as well.


18. DI: What‘s your BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: My goal is to share my cooking and photography with the world and to one day have my own cooking show and magazine to help others cook and eat simple, delicious and healthy foods.



19. DI: One tip for starter cooks and chefs to take better food pics?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: My tips for all my future chefs and foodies are: Morning light- make him you’re best friend! It captures everything seductively, elegantly and creates a great sensation for your audience. LESS IS MORE! If you think it looks sh*t then it probably does so don’t post it-remember it’s a brand/image you are trying to sell/create so take it seriously, very seriously- big things can happen.



20. DI: Ok, last question. What gets you up in the morning after a bad day?

@TheHealthyTriniGirl, Rayne: Peanut butter, banana and a cinnamon smoothie with plenty ice and coconut almond milk! Does it every time!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nice! Thanks for taking our 20 questions challenge Rayne and for sharing your work and time with us. We feel inspired to go cook something…or at least go order something cooked with love.


Follow Rayne on Instagram at: @TheHealthyTriniGIrl
And check out more of Rayne’s work here.
Photography courtesy Rayne Kirpalani






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