Saturday Morning with Jade Drakes Pt.1

Published on: March 17, 2014

Belmont is a maze of winding streets and narrow lanes that slope upwards into densely packed hillsides that echo with history.
Once called Freetown, Belmont has always been at the crux of the developing city of Port of Spain. Today, my great, great grandmother would not recognise it if not for the street names and a few houses and shops that stand as anachronisms, their architecture remnants of a time gone by.

Jeweler and artist Jade Drakes’ home is like that. It seems to exist in another time, another space, much like its owner. Formerly owned by an old lady who never discarded much of anything, Jade’s home is a unique space that feels lived in and layered with memories. She has put her own unique stamp on it with family heirlooms, old photographs, antique furniture and odds and ends of beautiful things that she has gathered on her journeys.

We join Jade for breakfast early one morning with the light soft and the smell of Hong Wing coffee wafting through the house. It is perfect. The simple meal of corn flour arepas, cheese, coffee and iced tea is complimented by Jade’s odds and ends – mason jars for glasses, napkins made from embroidered fabric held together by tiny crocheted ‘worry dolls’ and pretty mismatched crockery on a sturdy wooden table. There is beauty in every detail that is completely uncontrived, all simply part of an aesthetic honed, not by attention to trends found in magazines, but that of a traveller who lovingly gathers pieces of life along the way and who lives by her own rules.

We got to know more about Jade: her life, her influences, her art and her travels.

Look out for our full interview with her coming soon!


View Jade’s website here. To check out ‘Duck Girl’ view here.

Photography by: Clayton Rhule

Interviewers: Tanya Marie & Ayanna

Writer: Ayanna Gillian Lloyd
Writer and Editor based in Trinidad and Toabgo.

Photography: Designer Island


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