‘The Caribbean Aesthetic’ - Marlon Darbeau

Published on: March 16, 2014

"I’ve never really had to consider ‘ The Caribbean Aesthetic’,
I guess it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere else.

I’ve traveled to a couple places. Never been there long enough to heavily consider how it affects how I do things.



"The internet has had a very profound affect on how we see ourselves. What we do, how we create things of beauty. On mediums utilised, how we use them and even what we make. But for me it’s about having insight.
 Insight into yourself and insight into the space around you. I think what is important is looking."



"I think it’s based on your experiences and where you’ve been, and that in itself is a changing thing.
For me I just try to make things based on how I experience things, how I see things and that aesthetic is based
on my own eye sight."



DI: Do you think Trinidad has a brand?


 “Yes I think Trinidad and Tobago has a brand but what we have to ask ourselves is;
Is it a brand that we like? Is it a brand of value?”

“That value has to do with our perceptions of patriotism and economic value.
We haven’t yet reached to the point of understanding how to maximize our brand.”



BY MAKING Designer, Marlon Darbeau  www.bymaking.com

Marlon is a collaborator at the Alice Yard art-space initiative.
He comes from a family tradition of making things in a workshop that was at home or very close to home.
He has become very interested in how those traditions intersect with his practice as a graphic designer,
and in using this convergence to formulate ways of making his work.







Interviewer: Tanya Marie
Designer, Brand Consultant & Founder of Designer Island.

The portraits of Marlon are taken by Designer Island in collaboration with Kibwe Brathwaite.
Photos of ‘dish out’ and ‘peera’ are thanks to Marlon Darbeau, bymaking.com



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